Broadcast info Metterdaad Pakistan

In November 2020, a team from Children Asking visited the projects of Mercy Angels Pakistan and made recordings for the broadcasts of the Dutch Evangelical TV channel EO Metterdaad. Below the broadcast schedule. The theme of the broadcasts is: “Christians in Pakistan”.

A copy of the broadcasts will be added to this page later.

Broadcast info Metterdaad Pakistan:

29-May-2117.35Pakistan 1 (Astrid)25
30-Mayi-2111.30Pakistan 110
05-June-2117.35Pakistan 2 (Yasmen)25
06-June-2111.30Pakistan 210
12-June-2117.35Pakistan 3 (Rachel)25
13-June-2111.30Pakistan 310
19-June-2117.35Pakistan 4 (compilatie)25
20-June-2111.30Pakistan 1 herhaling10

* The 3 minute version is placed as a “fill” at random times throughout the series and the 1 minute is posted every Sunday in the morning.